Dear Maker of the Starry Skies

Dear maker of the starry skies. Light never lost by faithful eyes, Christ. the salvation sent to all. Be near thy servants when they call.

Thy love that pitied from on high, A guilty race foredoomed to die, Was pain that sentence to repeal, Those failing energies to heal.

So, at the eventide of earth, From that bridechamber of thy birth, Our mortal flesh thou didst assume, Born of a spotless Virgin's womb.

O thou, at whose august decree, Once heard, creation bends the knee, While heaven and earth obey thy will, Trembling before thee, and are still.

Holiest of holy ones, from whom Eternity receives its doom, In this brief world of time, we pray, Keep Satan's treacherous darts at bay.

To God the Father, God the Son, And God the Spirit, Three in One, Glory and power and majesty Through everlasting ages be.

Category: Advent

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