O come we are waiting, O come we are waiting, O come we are waiting, Emmanuel.

All who walk in darkness, Will see a great light, On a land of deep shadow, A bright light will shine, There will be rejoicing, Like men sharing spoil, The rod of oppression, He'll break and destroy.

A sign God will give us, A maid is with child, He'll choose only goodness, And evil destroy, And the ruling of nations, On His shoulders will dwell, And He shall be called Emmanuel.

The peace He will bring us, It never will end, O'er the kingdom of David, His power will extend; His justice and mercy Will never more cease, Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Prince of Peace.

A shoot springs from Jesse, A branch from it sterns. And the spirit of Yahweh Shall rest upon him. With the poor and the meek, His justice will stay, With the breath from his lips The wicked hell slay.

The wolf and the leopard. With the lamb they shall lie. The lion and the calf Shall be lead by a boy, On the nest to the viper, The young child shall trod, For the earth shall be filled With the knowledge of God.

Category: Advent

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