Hail a Mary full of Grace

Hail a Mary full of grace, Daughter true of David's race, Thou of women first and best, Art beyond all others blest.

Fear not, thou shalt bear a Son, Aided by the Holy One, Greater than the greatest, He soil of God Most High shall be.

Thus the Holy Angel said. Blessed Mary bowed her head, La! the handmaid of the Lord. with His word may all accord.

So to hearts still undefiled. Comes this promise of a Child. Full of joy akin to tears, Full of hope. yet full of tears.

Happy she who answerstill. Be it Lord at thy sweet will, All I am to thee I owe. All thy purpose thou dost know.

What thou givest to be mine. May it ne'er be aught but mine, Be it good or be it ill. Still be all al thy sweet will.

Holy Mary. taught by thee. Let us vain forboding flee, God is giving fear must cease, In his will is perfect peace.

Category: Advent

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