O Come, Thou Wisdom whose Decree


Rejoice, rejoice, Emmanuel, Is born to save thee, Israel.

O come, thou wisdom whose decree. Doth governs all things peace1ully, The way of prudence here below. And life hereafter deign to how.

O come, thou everlasting Lord, Who once by Israel's host adored, Thy dread commandment madest known, In majesty of glory show.

O Rod of Jesse, mystic bough, From Satan's cruel snares do thou, From death's grim dungeon, we implore And hell's abyss thine own restore.

O come, thou Key of David's store, Unlock the heavenly gates once more; Safe journey to thy courts bestow, And shut the way that leads below.

O come, thou Daystar seen on high, With healing for our hearts draw nigh; Do thou the mists of night dispel, And death's foreboding darkness quell.

O come, of Gentile hearts the King, A world that needs thee ransoming, And save thy servants, who confess With humbled hearts their faithlessness.

O come, O come, Emmanuel, Redeem thy captive Israel, That doth in exile homeless mourn Until her Saviour Christ be born.

Category: Advent

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