Praise God of Abraham

Praise God of Abraham The heavenly King whu with love abideth In eternity. My hymn O Lord is high. Heaven and earth praise Thee: I will always exalt Thy Holy Name.

Praise God of Abraham. giver of all blessings Who to seek joy at His right hand. Hath exalted man: I loath all worldly cares. That Illay draw me away from thee: Knowledge and strength and fear Will be my key steps to God.

O God who lives on high. There all the angels praise: Saying holy, holy, huly. almighty King: Thou who sitteth on the throne. Shall reign for ever more. My hymns of praise is great O Lord. we worship Thee.

All the heavenly powers glurify and praise thee. The Father. Son and Holy Spirit for ever more: With the Heavenly choir I will thank my Lord aud God: For Kingdom. Power and Glury Are thine now and ever more. Amen.

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